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:: The invisible eye.

Ever wondered why no matter how quietly you move some sleeping animals seem to instinctively know that you're there? In the case of some Lizards it's because they've seen you coming even though their eyes were shut!

Did you know that many lizards have three eyes!

:: Flying Reptiles

The Flying Gecko has skin folds along its sides, which can be splayed out like wings. The lizard then launches itself from trees into the air and glides with remarkable accuracy. This allows it to escape predators or swoop on food. This ability to fly is not unique to this reptile, there are others including the Paradise snake which by spreading its ribs manages the same incredible feat.
Flying Gecko
Worlds Smallest Lizard

:: Smallest Lizard in the World

Reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, but the smallest reptile in the world is the British Virgin Islands gecko. Full-grown specimens of this gecko are often found to be no longer than 18mm (0.7inches) That's smaller than a one pence coin! Imagine how small the hatchlings are.
Jaragua lizard (adult female), from Beata Island, on Dominican Republic one peso coin (approximately size of U.S. quarter).
Photo credit: Copyright S. Blair Hedges