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:: Maintaining Crickets

Many of us buy a tub of crickets each week for our lizards, and within a few days 50 % have died. Here are a few tips on how to keep your crickets alive.

1. Don't keep them in the tub that they are bought in. Moisture will build up and this is fatal.

2. Move the crickets into a large airy fish tank or pet pal. With a tight fitting lid to prevent unwanted escapees.

3. Put in lots of cut up card egg cartons or scrunched up newspaper to increase the overall surface area

4. Supply the crickets with some fresh food (lettuce, greens, bread, carrots, bran flakes, ryvita biscuits)

5. Put in a low dish (I use a plastic dog food lid) with a slice or segment of a fresh orange. The crickets will drink from this and increase their vitamin C content.

6. Remove any old food or dead crickets, as required.

7. Do not use Vapona, fly spray, flea spray or allow flea-collars near your crickets.

Remember that the food in the stomachs of the crickets ends up in the stomach of your pet, so feed the crickets well and help keep your pet healthy.
Well-fed crickets are also less likely to nibble your pet.

When looked after crickets can survive months rather than days, so save money - feed the food!

©K. Hollingsworth