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Jasper the Bullsnake

Jasper is a 5ft (ish) long male bullsnake. He arrived at the Hollingsworth household about 3 years ago. I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to rehome him, for whatever reason I can't remember. We arranged a day and time for the new arrival to be dropped off and left it at that. They day before the snake was due to turn up we had a family day out. On return we discovered a tall blue box with the lid flaps loosely folded and a pillowcase inside that wriggled. We took the box indoors and opened the pillowcase carefully, just enough to see what was lurking inside.

The mystery box contained a large yellow, cream and chocolate rough scaled snake. Closing the pillow case and putting two and two together we realised the bullsnake had arrived a day early. Off I went to get some gloves. Bullsnakes have a reputation of being loud, hissy and aggressive. The gloves were put on and out of the material emerged an extremely beautiful and well cared for bullsnake. No hissing, no biting just curiosity. Jasper was adult when he arrived, and must have been handled regularly from an early age.

Michael then aged 3 took and instant liking to the snake, He kept on and on that he was the same colour as a wasp. Hence the name Jasper. (For us west country lot that's a name for a wasp. Perhaps it the same around here. I do know terminology varies, a little west of here tourists are called grockles, nearer home for me they are referred to as Emmets, the old fashioned name for ants.)

Michael dotes on his snake. He always wants to take him to shows and will spend ages in the handling area talking to the public. Jasper is and old pro at shows now and is just the right size for the younger kids to handle. He is as slow and gentle as a python and a lot less wriggly than a cornsnake. Having the snake at shows has also made Michael quite confident at talking. He has learnt what it eats where it comes from, and much to the amazement of one old dear at Newbury it's Latin name. Pituophus sounds so cute with a six year olds lisp.

Jasper is getting ready for his hibernation now, along with the other snakes he shares the shed with.

Rehoming is now done through the Searles John & Angie, I bet they have a few stories to tell about some of their incoming rescues.